Agile Open Florida

October 22, 2021

2020 Agile Open Recap

Session 1Topic /Session NameInitiator
Breakout- Lemon LimeAgile Truth or Dare – Ask the Conference Sponsors (SME’s) ANYTHINGV. Lee Henson (AgileDad)
Breakout- Main SqueezeAmazia – an amazing work environmentFazeel Gareeboo
Breakout- LemonheadsHow having a split personality as a Scrum Master helps your teamsLemont Chambliss
Breakout- You’re the Zest!When the Books run out, where to learn when you’ve read everything.Mark (trog) Prather
Breakout- Lemon Drop MartiniPortfolio ManagementSusan Lafalce
Breakout- John LemonFinding Flow in Scrum through KanbanAnitra Pavka
Breakout- LimoncelloTeal is the new AgileRon Quartel
Session 2Topic /Session NameInitiator
Breakout- Lemon LimeWorking Better With Remote Teams – Tips and TricksV. Lee Henson (AgileDad)
Breakout- Main SqueezeEpic Writing – Containers of Business ValueCamille Abdnor (LeadingAgile)
Breakout- LemonheadsAmazia – improving your work environmentFazeel Gareeboo
Breakout- LemongrassWhat are your thoughts of using Kanban vs Scrum for continuous knowledge work?Paula Scott
Breakout- LimoncelloDynamic ReteamingRon Quartel
Session 3Topic /Session NameInitiator
Breakout- Lemon LimeFirst 100 Days – A guide for Scrum Masters joining a teamPaul Singer & Darlene Pike
Breakout- Main SqueezeProduct Management/Ownership Lean Coffee with Julee + CamilleJulee Everett (Clearly Agile),
Camille Abdnor (LeadingAgile)
Breakout- LemonheadsUnderstanding Agile/Scrum and how your organization can benefit. (Agile SME’s would be appreciated)Brittney
Breakout- You’re the Zest!Agile Project Managers – where do they fit in?Monique M
Breakout- Lemon Drop MartiniSo you’re an Agile Coach, Now What? (this is a sharing & open discussion session)Yolanda Martinez
Breakout- John LemonAntiFragility – Learning from disorder. How have we learned from chaos this year?Prateek Singh
Breakout- LimoncelloUsing Open Space as a way to scale agile – Fluid Scaling Technology (FAST Agile)Ron Quartel
Session 4Topic /Session NameInitiator
Breakout- Lemon LimeVendor Management in an Agile TeamMichele Daigle
Breakout- Main SqueezeKeeping Team Morale/Holding Better Space — Remote and the times we currently live in / How can we make it better by holding better space?Megan Karch/Mark Kilby
Breakout- LemonheadsAmazia – improve your work environmentFazeel Gareeboo
Breakout- You’re the Zest!Path from “Scrum Master” to “Agile Coach”Darlene Pike
Breakout- Lemon Drop MartiniWhy do Agile Transformations Fail?Om Patel (Clearly Agile)

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